Hostile Fire/Imminent Danger Pay (HFP/IDP)

A member of a uniformed service may be paid special pay at the rate of $225 per month for any month in which he/she was entitled to basic pay.

A member is entitled to IDP when assigned to a designated IDP area. To see which areas are designated as IDP areas, view figure 10-1 in the DOD Financial Management Regulation.

The commander determines HFP based on whether a member is:

  • Subject to hostile fire or mine explosions
  • In an area near hostile fire or mine explosions which endanger the member
  • Killed, injured, or wounded by hostile fire, mines, or any hostile action

Special Situations

Three special situations affect HFP/IDP. These apply to members who are:

  • Captured or missing
  • Hospitalized as a result of hostile action
  • Otherwise entitled to HFP/IDP but are missing from the area for an entire calendar month

Rates Payable

HFP/IDP is payable at the monthly rate of $225.00. Service members will receive $7.50 for each day they are on duty in an IDP area up to the maximum monthly rate of $225. Members who are exposed to a hostile fire or hostile mine explosion event are eligible to receive non-prorated Hostile Fire Pay (HFP) in the full monthly amount of $225. Members cannot receive both IDP and HFP in the same month.