You have entered the Military Pay and Benefits Website sponsored by the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. Currently, the major elements of your compensation are discussed. Future upgrades to this site will include expanding the topics available. To begin, select the topic that interests you from the tabs across the top or from one of the following topic areas:

  • Pay discusses the basic elements of what is considered the military equivalent of private sector salaries, referred to as RMC, or Regular Military Compensation. These include basic pay (including Active Duty and Reserve pay tables), allowances for housing and subsistence, and tax advantage of the tax-free allowances.
  • Retirement discusses the various retirement systems currently in effect. In addition to explaining the rules regarding Final Pay, High-3 Year Average, and CSB/REDUX for active duty, calculators are available to demonstrate the potential income stream from these retirement systems and to assist those allowed to choose between High-3 and CSB/REDUX. The Reserve and disability retirement systems are described briefly.
  • Benefits section discusses the variety of benefits available, ranging from complete health care to commissary and exchange shopping.