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Regular Military Compensation (RMC) Calculator

Regular Military Compensation (RMC) is defined as the sum of basic pay, average basic allowance for housing, basic allowance for subsistence, and the federal income tax advantage that accrues because the allowances are not subject to federal income tax. RMC represents a basic level of compensation which every service member receives, directly or indirectly, in-cash or in-kind, and which is common to all military personnel based on their pay grade, years of service, and family size.

This calculator will compute your regular military compensation based on your inputs. Regular military compensation is the approximate amount of an equivalent civilian salary.

The information requested is necessary to determine your cash salary elements and estimate your marginal Federal tax bracket. No identifying data is requested nor retained by this web site.

RMC Calculator

Note: Final display of your results may take a few moments while the browser processes your selected tax data. Results will appear below when complete.

Years of Service
Tax Filing Status
Living OCONUS or Not Receiving BAH?
Living OCONUS?
ZIP Code of your Permanent Duty Station
Annual Basic Pay
Annual Basic Allowance for Housing
Annual Basic Allowance for Subsistence
Non-Taxable Allowances (BAH + BAS)
Number of Exemptions for Previous Calendar Year
Personal Exemption Amount
Standard Deduction
Total Deductions
Taxable Income (Annual Basic Pay - Total Deductions)
Tax Rate
Gross Up
Tax Advantage

Total Regular Military Compensation (RMC):