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BRS vs. High-3 Legacy: Everything to Know About Your Retirement Choices

So, let’s chat retirement for a quick minute. You took the Blended Retirement System training last year, right? Probably because your boss told you to get it done so she could report 100 percent completion for your unit, right? And it was probably the most boring two hours of your life, right? So, now that we’re halfway through 2018, how much do you actually remember about BRS and retirement from that training? Not much, #amIright?

DoD Educates Military Spouses on BRS

The Department of Defense (DoD) continues to educate Uniformed Services spouses on the new Blended Retirement System (BRS). For those eligible to opt into BRS, the decision may not be easy to make, and Service members are encouraged to discuss factors for consideration with their spouse or partner before making this irrevocable decision. For Service members who decide to opt into BRS or enter the Uniformed Services after January 1, 2018 and are automatically enrolled into BRS, understanding the components of the BRS is important to maximizing the benefits to help meet personal financial goals.

Retirement Journey

See how the legacy ‘high-3’ and the new Blended Retirement System compare in your first four years of service, at your mid-career and at retirement.

Retirement Journey - Eligibility

First Four
Retirement Journey - First Four Years

Retirement Journey - Mid-Career

Retirement Journey - Retirement