• Develop and oversee implementation of personnel policies that maintain fair and competitive compensation and entitlement systems.
  • Formulate, implement, and administer DoD policy on Military Personnel Compensation for the total force.
  • Chair the DoD Armed Forces Tax Council; and initiate tax related legislation, litigation and administration action.


  • Policy Analysis, Determination, and Oversight of:
    •  Active Duty and Reserve Military Pay and Allowances
    • Retired Pay & Survivor Benefits
    • Imminent Danger Areas, Hardship Duty Areas & Combat Zones
    • Taxation of military pay
  • Legislation development and review of compensation related issues
  • Oversight & Coordination with External Administration Agencies:
    • Department of Veteran Affairs
      • Disability Compensation
      • Servicemember's Group Life Insurance (SGLI)
      • Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC)
    • Department of Labor
      • Unemployment Compensation for Ex-Service members
    • Monitor Health Care and other non-compensation benefits for Active Duty, Reserve and Retired Members