Dislocation Allowance (DLA)

The purpose of Dislocation Allowance (DLA) is to partially reimburse a servicemember, with or without dependents, for the expenses incurred in relocating the member's household on a PCS, housing moves ordered for the Government's convenience, or incident to an evacuation. This allowance is in addition to all other allowances authorized in this Volume and may be paid in advance.

It is important to keep in mind that DLA is intended to partially reimburse relocation expenses not otherwise reimbursed and probably will not reimburse all of your relocation expenses.

Important Note: National Guard and Reserve servicemembers coming on or leaving active duty are not eligible for DLA. The exception to this if you come on active duty for more than 20 weeks at one location and are authorized PCS allowances (not TDY allowances) and you move your dependents from your home to your new PDS or a designated place.

A partial DLA of $581.51(effective 1 January 2006) is paid to a servicemember ordered to occupy or vacate Government family-type quarters due to privatization, renovation or any other reason other than PCS.

The current rate information can be found on the DoD Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee DLA Web site. You can also find a list of Dislocation Allowance (DLS) FAQs.