Family Separation Allowance

Service members who are involuntarily separated from their dependents may be entitled to a family separation allowance (FSA) of $250 per month to defray a reasonable amount of extra expenses that result from such separation.  FSA is payable in addition to any other allowance or per diem to which a Service member may be entitled, presuming that:

(1)  The movement of dependents is not authorized to or near the Service member's permanent duty station (PDS) at government expense and the dependents do not reside at or near that PDS;

(2)  A Service member is on duty on board a ship away from the home port of the ship (or under orders to remain on board the ship while at the home port) for more than 30 continuous days; or

(3)  A Service member is on temporary duty away from the PDS for more than 30 continuous days and the dependents do not reside at or near the temporary duty station.

Service members who choose to serve an unaccompanied tour of duty at a PDS where the movement of dependents at Government expense is authorized, are not entitled to FSA under the first condition noted above.

FSA is payable to Service members who are married to another Service member in receipt of basic pay regardless of any other dependency status - when assigned to duty conditions described above, provided the married couples were residing together immediately before the separation.

Servicemembers must complete a DD Form 1561 (Statement to Substantiate Payment of Family Separation Allowance) to substantiate entitlement to FSA.​