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Retirement Choice

The section entitled Typical Situations shows comparative results in the choice of retirement options for selected individuals with specific ranks and years of service that may not match your own circumstances. This calculator gives you the ability to generate similar charts and tables based on your personal situation. In addition to tailoring the results to your expected retirement grade, years of service, and age, you determine the use of the $30,000 career retention bonus under the CSB/REDUX option. You may allocate money into the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), an investment (such as a mutual fund), and/or spend a portion on a purchase. This calculator also allows you to change some economic assumptions, such as the inflation rate and the expected return that you could gain from investing the bonus. Remember, only members who first entered Service after July 31, 1986, may choose between the High-36 and CSB/REDUX retirement plans. In the calculator, you will be able to change the factors that affect the comparative results. No identifying data is requested nor retained by this web site.

The DoD calculators will be active shortly.

Until then please refer to the following links for retirement calculators:

For Army personnel with a CAC, please use http://myarmybenefits.us.army.mil/Home/Benefit_Calculators.html

For Air Force and Navy personnel, please use https://w45.afpc.randolph.af.mil/RetSepCalcNet40/