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Survivor Benefits Plan


Great peace of mind comes with your lifetime, inflation-adjusted monthly retired paycheck. SBP gives your survivors some of the same. This website gives you the basic details to make that happen! It is not a contract document. The basic statutory provisions of SBP law are in Chapter 73, Title 10, United States Code.

Options and coverage differ for active duty personnel and retirees. Reservists whose service will make them eligible for retired pay at age 60 are eligible for the Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan, or RC-SBP.

If you are on active duty, retirement-eligible and have a spouse and/or children, they are automatically protected under SBP at no cost to you while still on active duty. If divorced, your former spouse may be protected instead of a current one.

For more details, select the topic below that you are interested in. We recommend that everyone reads the Overview, Base Level and Costs and Benefits, as a minimum.

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