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High-3 vs. CSB/REDUX Retirement Comparison

15th Year Situation

In order to determine your estimated retirement pay flow, we must first establish your situation at 15 years of service. If you are not currently near your 15th year of service, please estimate.

When will you reach your 15th year of service?
What grade will you be at the beginning of you 15th year of service?
Will you be in a combat zone at the beginning of your 15th year of service?
What percentage of your salary do you plan to contribute to the TSP?

Retirement Expectations

The next step in determining your retirement pay flow is to establish your retirement expectations. Please consider your planned retirement year and grade and answer the following questions.

What will be your age at 20 years of service?
How many years of service do you plan to have at retirement?
At what grade do you hope to retire?

Bonus Allocation

How do you intend to distribute your $30,000 Career Status Bonus? Change the default values below to match your intended allocation. Maximum amounts depend on your scenario, but we'll tell you if you've entered an invalid amount.

Based on your 15th year situation, your maximum allowable bonus allocation to the TSP is $20000 to the nearest $500

Always use the maximum allowable TSP allocation
Amount in Thrift Savings Plan $      
Amount in Taxable Investment $      
Amount Spent on Purchases $      

Total (Automatically Calculated)


Economic Factors

Lastly, please consider what you expect to be the average economic conditions through the remainder of your career and the whole of your retirement. You may accept the default values below or adjust the values based upon your expectations about the economy.

Inflation Rate
Annual Active Duty Pay Raise
Tax Rate
Return on Investment (TSP)
Return on Investment (Other)